How to configure Hawkeye

Hawkeye can be configured in different ways to fit your needs. Here is a guide to get the most of out of the application.

Yes you can!

Hawkeye automatically recognizes content on your site and finds the most important content used for analysis. However, because websites can be constructed in many different ways, there may be cases where some of the important content is not included in the analysis. (ie. header image or excerpt). If that is the case please follow these steps to ensure that all your important content is being anlayzed by Hawkeye.

Manual Content Markers

If Hawkeye does not see all the important content, it is possible to manually tell Hawkeye which parts of the page should be included in the analysis. This is done by marking HTML elements with data-hawkeye-content`. For example:

 <header class="article-header" data-hawkeye-content>
 <h1>Article Title</h1>
 <p>Article Excerpt</p>
 <section class="article-body" data-hawkeye-content>
 ... Your Sitecore Rich Text Field

Everything inside the `data-hawkeye-content` element(s) will be included in the analysis and you can have as many elements per page as you want.

IMPORTANT: If Hawkeye finds at least one HTML element marked with the `data-hawkeye-content` attribute it will skip the automtatic parsing and will instead use content markers for the analysis.

If you have multisite Sitecore solution with different domains you can configure this in the Multisite configuration of hawkeye located in the System/Modules/Hawkeye folder.

Here you can create subitems for each of the sites in your solution. Each item needs a Site name and a Site hostname.

IMPORTANT: In order to use multiple websites with Hawkeye you will need the Pro plan.

In the Multisite configuration of hawkeye which is located in the System/Modules/Hawkeye folder, you can point to any server you like.

For instance if you are using a Content Management server (CM) which is not publicly accessible, then it’s possible to just change the URL to point to Content Delivery (CD) instead. If you do that Hawkeye will do the analysis on that server.

IMPORTANT: Remember to publish this configuration if you change it to analyze on a CD server. In order to use the Multisite configuration of Hawkeye you will need the Pro plan.

How to get started with Hawkeye

See how you can get started with Hawkeye

How do I get started with Hawkeye?