Keyphrases explained. What are they? And how do I use them?

The keyphrase is defined by the phrase that you want your page to be found for. It normally consists of more words, hence a phrase.

By defining your keyphrase from the start you also define your content. It gives you an understanding on how your content performs with what you think users will search for when they should find your article. It might not result in the best starting score, but failing fast is better than trying to come up with keyphrases that will fit your content.

There are three important aspects to consider before defining your keyphrases.

  1. Length
  2. Competition
  3. Value

Keyphrase length

Make sure your keyphrases are not too long. We recommend that keyphrases should consist of maximum four words. The longer the phrase the less traffic it will generate , but often it will also be of higher conversion value. But don’t make it too short either.

Keyphrase competition

If you decide to optimize your page for short keyphrases or even a keyword, you have to consider that the competition for that specific phrase will be higher. A lot of people will be searching for that phrase and therefore many companies will be optimized for that term.

Keyphrase value

Building keyphrases is not easy. Try to aim for a combination of words that your users will search for to find your content that is not too long but still provides value and will suit your users.

Keyword and keyphrases planning

Using a keyword planning tool can help you understand what your audience is searching for. Reseaching which phrases are often searched for can give you an idea on how to optimize your content to get some of that traffic. Also note that construction of keyphrases are important. For instance you might be optimizing for a phrase like: “Recipes for chocolate truffle cake”, but your audience might search for this term more “Chocolate truffle cake recipes”.

Use keyword planing tools to understand how searches are constructed and how you can “steal” some of that trafic from competitors.

They are the most important aspect of the content analysis. It’s your way of defining and summarizing your content into one or more phrases that users will search for on search engines.

Put yourself in a user scenario and ask what will the user search for that relates to my content and how should I optimize my content to fit into that scenario.

It depends on your content and what you believe users will search for when you want them to find your page. However, optimizing for multiple phrases may help users find your content in various ways and might minimize competition from other sites ranking for only one keyphrase.

The more phrases you optimize for will increase ways of finding your content but it might also be harder to make your page a nice read.

In theory you can add as many keyphrases as you like. However, it can be difficult to optimize your content to accommodate for many keyphrases at the same time.