How Hawkeye handles content analyzing on my page

Search engines are really smart. They can identify the main content from your page and disregard irrelevant content.

Hawkeye uses a number of ways to identify your content on your page before making the analysis. It basically identifies the main content on the page and all other content not related to the page is stripped from the analysis.

If you want to decide for yourself what content should be part of the analysis you can configure this. See how you can configere Hawkeye here

Hawkeye analyses your draft in your Sitecore CMS which means that you do not have to publish your content with the possibility of a bad ranking on search engines before you can analyze your page.

Content is divided into two tabs. One is for the overall readability of your page and the other one is for your keyphrases. Both are content related and therefore the score is a combined score of those two tabs.

No. This is one of the benefits when you work with Hawkeye. Where other tools will require you to publish your content and therefore potentially be punished by search engines before you can analyze, Hawkeye does the analysis on your draftet content.

With Hawkeye you can easily analyze, optimize and re-analyze until you have an optimzed copy that you want to publish.