Get anwers to your questions about how Hawkeye analyzes content and how you should use key search phrases in your content.

Do you know what your users are searching for?

To attract more users to your site you must get an understanding on what they are searching for.

This means getting an idea on which words they most often would use find your content.

Set a goal on how you want to attract users to your website

What is it you do? What kind of products, services do you provide? What is your website about and what makes you special?

Make a list of keywords and keyphrases that your users would use in their search.

Once you have established a knowledge on your users search behaviour you can make a list of keywords and keyphrases and from that organise your content to fit one or more phrases.

Captivating content retain users longer and makes them come back for more

Users likes good written content. An article has flow when the reader can read through your article from beginning to end as smoothly as possible. And guess what search engines feel exactly the same way.

Learn how to write better content
SEO content tips

Why defining a keyword strategy can help you improve your SEO

In order to get visitors to actually visit your site you must know what the visitors are searching for.

How to define a keyword strategy
Keyword strategy

Performance and mobile

See frequently asked questions about how performance and mobile optimizations impact your SEO ranking.

Performance and mobile