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Version updates
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Experience editor and content editor compatible
Sitecore notifications
Sitecore versions compatible
Sitecore language compability
Specific Sitecore Hawkeye role
Supports Sitecore multisites
Supports multi server setup
Content assessments
Sentence length
Consecutive sentences
Paragraph length
Flesch Reading Ease
Passive voice
Subheading distribution
Transition words
Keyphrases assessments
SEO title width
Image alt attributes
Text length
Meta description length
Internal links
Outbound links
Single title
Keyphrase distribution
Keyphrase in introduction
Keyphrase in meta description
Keyphrase in subheading
Keyphrase density
Keyphrase length
Keyphrase in title
Keyphrase in slug
Mobile assessments
Page load speed on 3G
Viewport content width
Page avoids plugins
Mobile meta viewport
Performance assessments
Redirects http trafic
Image aspect ratio
Image alt
Valid HTML doctype
Page has a successful HTTP status code
Page uses legible font sizes
Links descriptive text
Page is crawlable
Page has a valid hreflang
Robot txt is valid
Page has a valid cannonical
Iframes has a title
Use video formates for animated content
Properly sized images
Efficiently encode images

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options are available?

You can use your credit card to pay for any plan. If you sign up for an annual subscription we provide you with a discount of 20%.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes of course. Invoices will be available in the mysite section for billing. We will also send you an e-mail when the invoice is available.

I want to upgrade my plan, how do I do that?

You can upgrade you plan at any time in the mysite section.
Sign in to your mysite and choose plans. Here you will find your current plan and the option to upgrade.
Once you have upgraded the plan, your new subscription is in effect and new options will be available.

I'm interested in the premium plan, how can I get that?

The premium plan is tailormade to your specific needs. In order for us to know what those needs are we encourage you to contact us for further details

Still confused?

Don't be. Head over to our support section for further information.

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